Droorings of the evening!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

As I grow as an artist I find it's become easy to lose touch of the instinctive, gut-driven method of creation... I'm internally flabbergasted to find that sometimes I stop myself from sitting down and drawing the things I just want to draw. Art becomes cerebral, which is not a bad thing necessarily but I think there's definitely a balance somewhere in between. 

ANYWAY. The above was originally just a doodley head-shot... I'm not sure if I like the expanded-canvas version better but hey...it is what it is. Here's a version of the old shot!



Tian said...

I love both versions! I really understand how you feel, I do that too, kinda stops myself from doodling random things, and kinda telling myself that I shouldn't draw this because this idea sucks and blah blah... but in the end, all we need to do is to enjoy ourselves right? :)

Aseph ( as-if ) :-) said...

I agree with thee above comment, and in addition think that the expanded image is pretty darn powerful! When I saw it all I thought was why is I can't think of things like this.

Great work....saving do desktop now.

Erik Ly said...

Please please post more often.. I love your work!!!!!!!! :]

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

I agree! I try and give everything I draw more context, but sometimes its nice to be random!

Great post :)